Dams & Spillways

Concrete spillways are structures built to provide a controlled release of overflow water from a dam. Spillways are essential structures designed to safely manage excess water from dams. They function as a controlled release mechanism, directing the overflowing water downstream, usually into the riverbed below.

Spillways are like safety valves for dams, allowing them to release excess water safely. There are two primary types of spillways: controlled and uncontrolled. Controlled spillways employ mechanical structures to regulate the flow of water, while uncontrolled spillways permit water to naturally flow down a slope once it reaches a certain level.

In spillway construction, concrete plays a vital and versatile role. It can be used to create concrete ramps on the dam’s surface or establish tunnel systems beneath the dam for controlled water release. Some systems, such as soil-cement and RCC, swiftly provide protection against erosion and flooding. Additionally, concrete mats and grout-filled mats are utilized to combat erosion during runoff and ensure the dam’s stability. Concrete structures are often incorporated into spillway designs to reduce the impact of fast-flowing water.

Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) is a unique type of concrete without slump, composed of the same ingredients as regular concrete: cement, aggregate, and water. However, its placement differs, typically involving bulldozers and compaction with vibratory steel drum rollers. RCC stands out for its cost-efficiency, long-lasting durability, and rapid construction, making it an ideal material for safeguarding embankments and various water-related applications.

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